One determined young lady bring awareness of Irlen syndrome!

Last Tuesday I meet the labour candidate called Allyn Hooper and Rhonda Braithwaite to discuss Irlen ®syndrome and the issues we are facing , It was a surprise when he said “I have been doing  researched Irlen® syndrome it make me so happy that he had been researched into Irlen ®syndrome , He was shocked when I show him my Irlen® T shirt with a picture on back of it.

It’s was amazing to speak to Allyn and how much he is interested in helping spread the word about Irlen® syndrome and how colour can transform lives I am so honoured privileged to education him and of course Rhonda when she was a councillor , the more people that know about Irlen ®syndrome the better that why I am never give up the fight for people with Irlen syndrome

I am determined to continue raise awareness of Irlen® syndrome and the issues we are facing because I know going to be worth it in the end.

It’s something that I will never give up on make other people aware of Irlen® syndrome especially important people because Irlen® syndrome is so important not to be sweep under the carpet, we must dream believe achieve.

It’s was a day that I will never forget that as ambassador I am always taken opportunities to raise awareness and tell people like Allyn about Irlen® syndrome .


I would like to say thank-you to Allyn Hooper for taken the time to came and listen about Irlen® syndrome and my experiences with it, I hope you are vote in because I look forward to working with you if you are.








Being a true inspiration to people with irlen syndrome !

I never imagined that my hard-work for people with Irlen syndrome would land me being nomination for community star by couple people who know the reason why I am so passion about raise awareness of Irlen syndrome and people with Irlen syndrome rights too, which is amazing that they think I deserve the community star for my work.

It worth every minute of my time and strength and courage to make sure that people with Irlen syndrome have their voices heard because it’s so important that we have our say when come to our rights as we know what works for us.


The past five years have been all worth the ups and down with my campaign it’s is amazing to found out that couple of people have nomination for the award, I am honoured and humbled by this although I am so proud of what I am doing for people with Irlen syndrome


I would like to say thank-you to those people who have nomination for the award, it unexpected to have few nominations but it wouldn’t be possible without Alan Penn now .



Seeing things differently ,Irlen A new Perspective!


I never thought that I would be asked to give an Irlen® presentation for a local group called Gurnos Men’s group , to be given other opportunity to raise awareness of Irlen ®syndrome again and educating people about it and the impact on a person whole life but I realise that I would have to do without my power point presentation , it never cross my mind how differently give a presentation without my power point presentation could be , but I did with a lot of confidences ever though I was nervous .

Something amazing happened after the presentation which I didn’t expect to happen that a member of staff come on to me and said “he recognised the sign of Irlen ®syndrome in a family member”, I was totally shocked by it, it really pleased me that he came on to me to tell me this.


Now other people are starting to recognise the sign of Irlen ®syndrome , which is amazing to be given those opportunities to make other people aware of Irlen syndrome now .


It’s amazing to be give the chance to education a local group in my hometown again but it’s all thanks to one of Councillor for organization this and to Gurnos Men’s group for be interested in learning all about Irlen® syndrome.

Living with Irlen syndrome!

Having Irlen syndrome can be changing and frustration on time because of the lack of support and funding for people with the condition, It’s one of the main reasons I started my own campaign called the voice for people with Irlen syndrome, It break my heart when I heard people with Irlen syndrome say that they can’t afford the simple tools that help in their lives . I know I am the lucky one and It’s so not fair that these people must struggled like this now.

Unbelievably that children’s and young people are struggled too because of the lack of accepted in the schools and support for children’s and young people to reach their full protentional would be a started for them.

It’s about time children’s and young people have support and accepted in their schools as it their rights .

What I have achieved with my Irlen Lenses!

I never imagined back in September when I had my third pair of Irlen lenses that I would really achieved things that I thought wouldn’t  positive but I recently found out that I have achieved a double distinction in my last two Press GSCSE modules , Which has impressed me and the exam board too.

It was a shock to get incredible marks after not really achieved anything academic property before and get accept onto the a level Press course.

I am so happy to achieved things that I really thought wouldn’t positive  before having my third pair of Irlen lenses now .

It make me so proud of myself for achieved things as my lenses have been a clear difference in me achieved things now in just six month of having them

It’s so amazing achieved what I wanted to achieved now all thanks to the Irlen Method and been to share on this blog post that I have winner best module for living with a condition and best student living with a condition too.

I would like say a massive thank-you to Alan Penn for help me being the best I can be now.



WOW, A year since Irlen(R)syndrome went to Parliament!

I never imagined that I would take Irlen® syndrome up to Parliament well I did just that a year ago which is incredible that I manger to get our voice heard and to education MP’s about Irlen® Syndrome and the impact on a person whole life and education too.

It was another day that will go down in Irlen history and it’s was all because I got invited to hold an Irlen® awareness event by my very own MP Gerald Jones as he knew how hard I had been working to raise awareness of Irlen syndrome.


It was an amazing day, we have a welcome by Gerald d Jones for Merthyr and Rhymney then two amazing speeches from me and my friend Hannah about our experiences with Irlen ®syndrome then we had a discussion about the issues we are facing .

a photo with gerald Jones MP

I have say it was incredible opportunity to raise the profile of Irlen® syndrome which was amazing and I would like say thank-you to those that came to support me also my very own Gerald Jones MP but there is a wonderful group that is coming to end soon that had been there on two of my events called Up and Coming

Thank-you for taken the photos of both my events and films I am going to missed you.

A true campaign for people with Irlen syndrome!

In nearly three-year of my campaign called the voice for people with irlen syndrome ,which led to some amazing opportunity’s like Welsh Assembly and Parliament, I didn’t realise that would mean education AM’s and MP’s too , it was amazing to able to education them about Irlen syndrome and the impact on person whole life and education too.

It feel like an honour to be fighting for people with Irlen syndrome, those that are struggling with reading , learning , attention problems by letting them know there is a solution to their different.

Using my experiences to make sure that People with Irlen syndrome have their needs heard  by important people ,It’s one of hard-work with some great result , for people with Irlen syndrome ,which is remarkable that in nearly three-years of the campaign .

There is a saying that as been a big part of my campaign , You are amazing and you are brave , you are strong , it been there is my campaign tried to success the best it can, Other people said” they are so proud of me” now  the irlen institute are proud of me too

Which is so amazing to have other people say they are proud of me now ,It mean a lot to me .