A true campaign for people with Irlen syndrome!

In nearly three-year of my campaign called the voice for people with irlen syndrome ,which led to some amazing opportunity’s like Welsh Assembly and Parliament, I didn’t realise that would mean education AM’s and MP’s too , it was amazing to able to education them about Irlen syndrome and the impact on person whole life and education too.

It feel like an honour to be fighting for people with Irlen syndrome, those that are struggling with reading , learning , attention problems by letting them know there is a solution to their different.

Using my experiences to make sure that People with Irlen syndrome have their needs heard  by important people ,It’s one of hard-work with some great result , for people with Irlen syndrome ,which is remarkable that in nearly three-years of the campaign .

There is a saying that as been a big part of my campaign , You are amazing and you are brave , you are strong , it been there is my campaign tried to success the best it can, Other people said” they are so proud of me” now  the irlen institute are proud of me too

Which is so amazing to have other people say they are proud of me now ,It mean a lot to me .




Take the Pride for people with Irlen syndrome!



When I decided to try raise awareness of Irlen syndrome after I came across the fact that not many people know about it or hear of it, I started at the time by giving a presentation to my classmates at a skill club then I got ask to do my presentation again for another group, I never thought would be started of something so special for people with Irlen syndrome, which lead to education important people like my own AM Dawn Bowden and MP Gerald Jones.

I have gone to important places like the National Assembly for Wales and Parliament and I have tried get the National media involved with a BCC Wales News interview but I didn’t turn out the way I hope it would.

It all went down in Irlen history as the better moments so far, I am still trying to make a different and go forward with what I want for a long time.

I am so proud of what I have done since 2014 now I am learn to be a stronger ambassador now with-out being frustration and stress now.


Well I will continue to fight for people with Irlen syndrome rights and respect, now Professionals are starting to listen to us all because of what I have done for people with Irlen syndrome.

Chasing Rainbow!

Well as I enter another year of trying to Irlen syndrome recognised in schools and the NHS ,which is excited and fresh new started for me and in my campaign called the voice for people with Irlen syndrome, which is amazing in so many ways that it has gone to important place like the Welsh Assembly and Parliament in two years of me set up the campaign because I didn’t like the way people with Irlen syndrome are being treated just like myself by important People , It was like we don’t have a voice .

So, I decided to get on the voice for people with Irlen syndrome back in 2016 it was lots of meeting with my MP and new am then to my surprised an Irlen awareness event down the National Assembly, which went amazing for first time at hold National Assembly for Wales.


Then last year go one step further by going up to Parliament was incredible just in two years of my campaign, which is amazing to have education AM’s and MP’s in just two years of my campaign go live .


Well I have stay positive and work-hard to make it happen no matter what because I believe people with Irlen syndrome deserve to be treated with respect and with their rights . so, Yes we are different but we have same rights anyone .

Trying to make a different for people with Irlen syndrome across the country!

I never imagined 2017 would be another wonderful for people with Irlen syndrome,it’s been one of massive opportunites like Parliament and BBC Wales News interview  which has made me realised that I need to be proud of all my hard-work for people with Irlen syndrome.

This year is being a rollercoaster of highs and lows for me personally but I have got through it now with some surprised long the way well worth every second of all the hard-work for people with Irlen syndrome.

I have been very fortunate to create awareness last year down the National Assembly for Wales and Parliament this year with the support of my Am Dawn Bowden and MP Gerald Jones for being our superstar in allowing us to education AM’s and MP’s about Irlen syndrome and the impact on a person life.

It’s has been an honour for me to able to take on the fight for people with Irlen syndrome and raise awareness in anyway I can.

They are few people that have made 2017 a another great year for people with Irlen syndrome , Thank-you to Gerald Jones and Stephan doughty and other MP’s for being interested in Irlen syndrome and to my friend Hannah Miller.

A special Thank-you to Alan Penn for coming into my life at all mostly the end of the year but I am gratefully to have him in my life now.

Bring on 2018 now more ever raise awareness of Irlen syndrome !

Being Proud!

I  have only realised the true meaning of being proud, because I haven’t not always being proud of the things I have done , well I thought share some of the things I am proud of from this year !

a photo with gerald Jones MP Parliament!

When I found out back last year that my campaign called the voice for people with Irlen syndrome was going up parliament I was so shock but we had a massive opportunity to education MP’S about the condition .

Creating a something for young People to understand Irlen syndrome!

I had an idea to created something for young people to understand irlen syndrome ,so I ask a group who have affected by Irlen  just like myself , It took few month but we did it, I would like thank-you to Hannah Libby Lilly and Lilly Mum for help me creating the toolkit.

Do my first ever Interview with National media ,BBC Wales News

After I got in contacted with BBC Wales News about doing an interview about Irlen syndrome and my experiences , On 8 september I was interview alongside Alan Penn clinc director and personally trained by Helen Irlen, which was amazing , I would like say a massive thank-you to Alan Penn for being my side for it


Travelling on my own!

During our special week I travel down cardiff  on my own for my friend Hannah event in Pecond campaus for her to raise awareness of Irlen with students and staff , which is something that I never done before ,But all thanks to my new Irlen lenses !

There are few special people who make me feel proud of the things I have done this year , they go Gerald Jones MP  Hannah Libby Lilly , Lilly mum , But they is one person that as make the last two things positive  Thank-you Alan Penn!





Being ambassador for Irlen!

When I received my Irlen ambassador certificate in 2015, I never imagined that my hard-work would pay off ,it came at time when I thought no one liked my efforts , then I realised that my efforts will help others know that there is no need to struggled when there is a simple solution.

It’s taken a while for me to feel strong to forget what some people have say about me being ambassador for Irlen but I realised that no matter what my efforts have been noticed now.

Now I know that I am represented the Irlen community at events and meetings too.


This year I have been came an ever stronger Irlen ambassador because I have the support through my own campaign called the voice for people with Irlen syndrome.


Raising awareness of Irlen syndrome though my own experiences

It started a month early with an interview with the BBC Wales News, alongside Alan Penn clinic Director who was trained in America by Helen Irlen but as usually they got it wrong, then last Friday my blog called a colourful new world got share by the children comminutor and Disability Wales too.


It was a great started to our awareness week by Disability Wales for sharing about our special week, which was amazing week for me because I could help my friend Hannah with her talk for students and staff at Pencoed college.


Then I give my presentation to school governors which they were interested in have me into a teacher forms to give my presentation , it amazing as I thought no one would turn up , I would like Dawn Bowden AM for opening my event yesterday and my friend Hannah for doing her speech , which is a way into schools to educating the staff about Irlen syndrome .


There is one milestone from the week that is my favourite I manger to travel on my own down Cardiff with my new Irlen lenses.