A journey to acceptance -having Irlen syndrome.

When I found out that I had Irlen syndrome back in 2012, It was a rollercoaster of a journey which made worse by not knowing what Irlen syndrome was or having support, but only for me whole family and being told that I was a freak or stupid and that I had to wear blue tinted sunglasses, I went through a grieve progress of denial, anger, bargaining depression why me but we were told that Irlen filter would £500 but in 2013 It was worst year of my life my symptoms got worse.


Until I joined an online support and found some true heroes they funded my Irlen lenses then I finally accept having Irlen syndrome and learned that I didn’t need to be wearing blue tinted sunglasses and that didn’t cost £500 after  all, I was totally shocked by the fact that no one had hear of Irlen syndrome so I decided to be brave started share my experiences with the condition.

It took a while to bring Irlen syndrome to the attention of AMs and MPs but finally I did it last year by going down Welsh Assembly where I come face to face with the person who first diagnosed me with Irlen syndrome I feel really scared about meeting her again but thanks to the work I have done on my past that I could enjoyed our day down the welsh Assembly.


Then this year I got Irlen syndrome up to Parliament for another event to raise the profile of the condition and educating MPs this time . I have learned to accept every part about my condition and manged it so yes I can be hard to accept a condition .

Remember everyone is different in own way so I have come overcame barrior to being brave and help other people with the condition now so I enjoy writing my blog now.

So Yes what I went through when I found out I had Irlen syndrome but now I am sharing my experience with people.






One thought on “A journey to acceptance -having Irlen syndrome.

  1. This is brilliant news Jennifer! You have had one heck of a tough journey, getting to where you are today. I was proud to have been part of your support party at Westminster and encourage you to carry on, promoting the knowledge and government support of Irlen syndrome.
    Well done Jennifer


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