An Incredible year 2o16.

2o16 has been an incredible year not just for  me but everyone with irlen syndrome ,it’s been one of so many high and opportunities the steps in right  is hope that it wouldn’t be long before Irlen syndrome is recognition by the Welsh Assembly and the Government.

It’s been a year of bring Irlen syndrome to the attention of my local MP and AM which leaded to us go down to the Welsh Assembly , There are some experiences that are my favourites like go down to the Welsh Assembly and going to my first book launch of my favourite author.

They will be a meeting with the Health and Education cabinet secretaries in the new year

I have very exciting news to announce to my blog readers which I am so proud tell all of you I am kicking the start of 2017 in style by taking my campaign to get Irlen syndrome recognised in the NHS and schools up to parliament in the spring.

So join me has I make 2017 a another incredible year for everyone with Irlen syndrome.


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